pkgsrc on Darwin (Mac OS X) (old: Zoularis on Mac OS X)

Development pkgsrc on Darwin (Mac OS X) ( (English), (Japanese)). Official ML of pkgsrc is tech-pkg ML( We think developer quality, please be careful.
"pkgsrc on Darwin (Mac OS X)" was say "Zoularis on Mac OS X".

pkgsrc: The NetBSD Packages Collection (on NetBSD and other UNIX-like systems)

Old documents for Zoularis time:
pkgsrc BOF report, May 2002 (
Enabling IPv6 in MacOS X (10.1.3), KAME newsletter 20020322 (
How to startup Zoularis at tech-pkg ML:

Start up:
Binary kit bootstrap-pkgsrc-*.tar.gz
(old: darwin-bootstrap-*.tar.gz)

Result things by this project:
build packages get it :)
pkgsrc@20020202 on Mac OS X 10.1.2
pkgsrc@20020307 on Mac OS X 10.1.3

Official pkgsrc Web Page ( (English), (Japanese))
OpenDarwin Web Page ( (English), (Japanese))
Apple Mac OS X Web Page ( (English), (Japanese))
Apple open source Darwin Web Page ( (English), (Japanese))

Other package systems:
EasyPackage, Fink(, GNU-Darwin(, PineApple

6/21/2003: watanabe-font stoped public
6/21/2003: update information and link now :)
8/5/2002: start users(japanese local only) ML
5/9/2002: Ready packages(20020202_10.1.2, 20020307_10.1.3)
5/5/2002: Setup Web, announce ML and developers ML
5/5/2002: Start this project :)

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